Stock market industries of Portugal

The table below is comprised of stocks that are grouped by industries. Analyze them using a variety of performance metrics and data such as market cap, volume and number of stocks included just to name a few.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Electric Utilities18.383 B EUR4.97%+1.46%6.325 MUtilities3
Integrated Oil15.4 B EUR2.66%−0.20%1.787 MEnergy Minerals1
Alternative Power Generation15.094 B EUR1.36%+3.93%1.414 MUtilities1
Food Retail13.102 B EUR3.15%−0.86%1.153 MRetail Trade1
Major Banks5.385 B EUR−0.08%41.956 MFinance1
Pulp & Paper5.343 B EUR6.15%−0.15%437.15 KProcess Industries4
Real Estate Investment Trusts4.926 B EUR1.60%−4.68%385Finance1
Information Technology Services2.781 B EUR4.92%+1.13%3.256 MTechnology Services3
Major Telecommunications1.757 B EUR10.26%−0.88%455.144 KCommunications1
Engineering & Construction1.455 B EUR2.71%+0.14%1.049 MIndustrial Services4
Industrial Specialties1.258 B EUR0.00%+1.06%77.925 KProcess Industries1
Air Freight/Couriers610.2 M EUR4.01%+3.77%462.382 KTransportation1
Restaurants289.922 M EUR9.36%+0.27%15.31 KConsumer Services1
Specialty Stores180.25 M EUR4.85%0.00%1.316 KRetail Trade1
Movies/Entertainment176.82 M EUR−0.74%1.731 KConsumer Services4
Home Furnishings172.679 M EUR+0.97%14.985 KConsumer Durables1
Steel171.798 M EUR8.66%+0.30%9.09 KNon-Energy Minerals1
Broadcasting124.852 M EUR2.84%−0.13%7.619 KConsumer Services2
Casinos/Gaming76.76 M EUR−8.57%471Consumer Services1
Publishing: Newspapers46.36 M EUR0.00%−0.22%23.32 KConsumer Services1
Miscellaneous Commercial Services42.964 M EUR0.00%−2.49%1.121 KCommercial Services3
Wireless Telecommunications38.461 M EUR+1.28%452.06 KCommunications1
Financial Conglomerates26 M EUR+15.38%675Finance1
Real Estate Development7 M EUR13.71%−2.78%1.214 KFinance1
Commercial Printing/Forms653.438 K EUR+42.86%175.317 KCommercial Services1