.srb suite Fib Retracement neo

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SPECIAL TOOLS - Auto Fibonacci Retracement neo - New GUI

designed for use with open-source indicator

'built-in auto FBR ' has been re-born
It shows - retracement Max top/ min bottom ; for higher visibility
It shows - current retracement position ; for higher visibility
The display of the Fib position that exceeds the regular range is auto-determined according to the price.

Fib.Retracement core is from tradingview built-in FBR ---> upgrade new-type GUI, and performance tuned.
Release Notes:
auto on/off fib. value line updated.
Release Notes:
update ... detailed info. of open-source re-use in source code description.

// Open-source re-used list
// 1. Auto Fib Retracement core is from ... Open-source : Tradingview's built-in one.
// a Performance Tuned
// b.Fib Value area position changed
// c.Retracement move Max/Min and current Position Display for visibility.
// d.out of regular area's Fib value guideline is auto-display on/off according to current last price location for less messy screen.
Release Notes:
simple customizing feature added r0.9
  • Color style
  • Drawing Position
  • Fib. level on/off
  • Fib. level 886 added
Release Notes:
update testing
Release Notes:
Added graphics customizing option
for determine what you want to see
Release Notes:
reupdate (screenshot update)
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