Retrograde Planets

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Retrograde Planets is a TradingView script that highlights the retrograde cycles for all the planets including : Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc etc..
A lot of Time-Theory/Gann traders use these cycles to gauge volatility and trend of the market. This script can highlight all the previous retrograde cycles of any planet of your choice.
The settings are easy and simple, you will just need to select the planet and activate it from the setting. And of course, you can change the color of the highlighted area.
Retrograde Planets can also project the future retrograde cycles and highlights them for you a year in advance ( 365 days ).

█ Future Plans and upgrades to this script may include :
1. Advance labeling.
2. Statistics box.
And more! Feel free to contact me with any feature that you would like to see in this script

█ How to use :
1. Open the settings.
2. Choose the planet.
3. Enable the Cycles using the checkbox.
Give the script a few seconds and you should be set.

This script is coded as an addon to the Gann ToolBox package/scripts.
Release Notes:
v1.0 - v1.5
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( August 24, 2022 )
1. upgrade to Pine v5
2. Improved code and algorithm.
3. Removal of Pluto since we don't have a reliable data algorithm for it ( yet! still in the work )
4. Removal of script version number from the script's status bar.
5. Added tooltip and slightly improved UI.
6. Support for 1000 future bars instead of 100! 10x increased future resolution.
7. Future retrograde dates are now more accurate on all timeframes instead of daily resolution. this means you get to know the exact minute the retrograde stats not the general daily.
8. Future retrograde cycles have similar look to the previous cycles!

Summery : Most of the upgrade is backend related. but this is a big upgrade that will allow for additional features to be added!

Previous version :
Current version :
Release Notes:
v1.1 - v1.11
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( August 27, 2022 )
1. Bug fix

Summery : There was a bug that effected some of the retrograde cycles resulting in some missing data, this bug is now fixed, which may also increase the script's stability and performance.
Release Notes:
v1.11 - v1.2
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( September 4th, 2022 )
1. Bug fix

Summery : To fix the current bug that's on all non 24/7 markets, we made that feature available by click. and optimized the code to run a tiny bit better.
Release Notes:
v1.2 - v1.21
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( January 23rd, 2024 )
1. Bug fix

Summery : Future data used to be presented in some cases without activating the indicator. This issue is now fixed.

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