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Chinese stocks: Rise of a Superpower

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As the world's most populous nation and the second-largest economy in the world, Chinese companies have some pretty serious sway. Massive domestic demand, boatloads of innovation, and super competitive production costs make the market appetizing across the board – although regulation can be tight and the domestic market is tricky to access. Not to worry though, as Chinese companies are listed, and often operate, across the world. Some of the largest and fastest growing can be found on the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With a leading role in the development of electric cars, e-commerce and gaming, among other sectors, China is definitely a big name in the Asian stock market game.

This list is curated based on the most influential Chinese stocks on China's stock markets and around the world as well as some of the fastest growing. This list does not constitute trading advice, and we recommend you do your own research into any investment before placing a trade.