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Interest-earning crypto wallets: Put your digital money to work

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When it comes to crypto, there’s value in playing the long game. Selecting the right crypto wallet lets you earn interest on your holdings, and who doesn't want to earn more money doing nothing? Siloing your crypto in an interest-earning account or wallet can help generate passive income in addition to benefiting from long-term gains. This can be perfect for those looking to side-step volatile markets and avoid the intimidation factor of repeat fees from exchanges. Or you can access additional functionality such as light-touch trading, helpful analytics, and more. However, it is worth remembering that while these accounts function like a ‘conventional’ bank, there is none of the guaranteed safety or security that accompanies the fiat system. Be sure to take the time to properly research your provider before you safely and securely choose to deposit your cash.

Here are a few stocks and cryptos that support interest earning wallets. These symbols are curated based on TradingView data. Please note that this is not a comprehensive selection, and additional symbols may be available. This list does not constitute advice, and you should always do your own research before placing a trade.