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UK stocks: Best of British

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It might be small in size but it's mighty in stature. Forget fish & chips and constant rain, the UK also offers a range of companies to invest in as the one of the biggest economies in the world. London in particular remains a landmark financial hub, and many UK banks are large, listed brands; while global companies also choose to list on the London Stock Exchange as one of the largest and most respected platforms of its kind. Good old Blighty may not have all the snazzy US businesses that you find across the pond but away from traditional industries, the UK's alternative investment market has also helped grow innovative businesses such as online retailers Asos and Boohoo.

This list is curated based on established British brands that pay reliable dividends and have dominant market positions. It also includes rising stars highlighted by analysts. This list does not constitute trading advice, and we recommend you do your own research into any investment before placing a trade.