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US food companies: Stocks to whet your appetite

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Putting your money on what we eat may seem like a pretty dull investment strategy but food is big business – its value is expected to hit 17tn by 2027, with the US taking up a big slice of the pie. For starters, there are the traditional supermarkets, restaurants and suppliers. But the really exciting equities at the moment are the food delivery apps and meal boxes that cater for your busy, busy lifestyle. Could any of these stocks serve up a profit for your portfolio?

This broad list of symbols encompasses US companies derive their main source of revenue nourishment from food, all with market capitalizations over 1bn. To provide some clarity, this includes companies involved in food processing and production, restaurants, supermarkets, and food delivery services. However, we've not included businesses like Uber which has a branch dedicated to food, but is primarily a customer service provider.

Lastly, please remember: just because we've dished up these symbols for you, doesn't necessarily mean you should eat them.