Why might my US stock data look incorrect?

  • Sometimes our US stock data may seem incomplete or different from other sources. You’ll find the most noticeable differences usually on lower timeframes (i.e. 1 min), on non-active or unpopular tickers and during pre-/post-market sessions, which have a lower trading volume.
  • By default, our charts display real-time US stock data from the Cboe BZX exchange (formerly BATS). It’s an alternative exchange with a pretty high trading volume, 10%+ of the US stock market. It doesn’t have any per-user fees imposed by the exchange – meaning, you can use it in real-time without paying for it.
  • If this difference is crucial to your analysis, you need to buy real-time data from the official exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, or NYSE Arca).

We get how it is: you’re surfing about doing your technical analysis when suddenly you notice that the figures on one of our charts look different from what you’re seeing on another source. Now, you’re questioning what’s real and what’s the Matrix, who’s right, who to trust and why. But actually, there’s a very simple reason for this discrepancy: we’re using Cboe BZX (BATS) data. 

Cboe BZX is an alternative exchange with a large trading volume – over 10 percent of the US stock market – with one huge advantage to you as a user: it provides you with free real-time data. If we didn't provide this option, you'd either have to pay the primary exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSE Arca) for their real-time data, or you'd only be able to use data that's delayed by 15 minutes.

Cboe BZX data isn’t bad or wrong. It’s just a bit different, mainly because the trading volume is lower and – as a result – it offers fewer price updates. You’ll notice this the most on lower timeframes (i.e. 1 min), on unpopular tickers where trading volume isn’t that high, or in pre and post market sessions – again where volume isn’t the highest. In these cases, you might see incomplete (dotted) bars or low volume. It really shouldn’t be problem though for higher timeframes (1 hour +) inside the main trading session.

If you simply can’t do without real-time data from the official exchanges for your trading: no problem. Simply check out our additional real-time data packages for just $3 per month. Please be aware though: you’ll need a paid plan with us to add on this data. As per exchange regulations we must collect these payments and remit them to the exchange, plus notify them of who’s accessing their data.