How can I publish an idea?

You can publish your idea with the button shown below.

It is important to note that TradingView is not a platform for those seeking simple calls to buy or sell. Our community is driven by peer review, meaning we focus on sharing, reviewing, critiquing, and learning from, and building upon helpful and descriptive ideas that aim to maximize our users’ profits. This is one of our core strengths as a platform. Therefore, being as thorough and descriptive as possible is the best way to get your ideas noticed. Here is some recommended reading for you to do before going ahead with publishing your first idea:

  • Make sure you have read our House Rules thoroughly in order to avoid your ideas being moderated and possibly removed for platform breaches. By reviewing our House Rules, you can also see some examples of what makes a good idea, with practical suggestions for various types of analysis. 
  • Make sure you have a clear title and description for your idea. This is key for attracting the attention of TradingView community members. A descriptive and engaging title helps get your idea across clearly and succinctly. Once you’ve settled on a title, make sure your idea’s description is also understandable and engaging. Describe not only what you think, but WHY you think it. A definitive fundamental analysis is always great to start with. Reread your description to make sure it makes sense from an outsider’s perspective.
  • Before you’ve published an idea, you’ll first need to:
    • Title your work (required)
    • Provide a description (required)
    • Select a category (required)
    • Mark your idea as long, neutral, or short (required)
    • Link to related ideas that support your view (optional)
    • Use smart tags to enable members to easily search for and locate your idea (optional)

After publishing a public idea, you can then go in and edit the title or description for up to 15 minutes after publication in order to correct any typos or make small changes. You can also delete the entire idea within this time frame if you so choose. We allow this for cases where something has gone wrong with the chart or there was another error and the user would like to try again. After 15 minutes, it will not be possible to delete or edit the idea.