Self-help resources for free users

We’re thrilled to reveal resources and educational material dedicated to helping our Basic plan users and those enjoying a trial period. You can find all of the following resources in our Help Center. Don’t worry, we won’t make you search for all of them, we’ve tagged all the necessary solutions below for your convenience. Our Help Center makes it easy to learn about TradingView, our policies, and aid you in fixing issues you may be experiencing.

Each topic is distributed into various existing categories in our Help Center and offers helpful Q&As while directing you to a variety of other resources on or connected to our site. If you’re a free user, these solutions will help you understand our platform and answer any pressing questions. If you’re a paid user, you can continue on to access support using your Essential, Plus or Premium plan.

These expanded resources give a helpful guide to navigate our ever-growing community, and are especially useful for those who are new to our platform.


My card or PayPal won’t work, what am I doing wrong and what can I do?

I’ve tried making a payment, but when entering in my card details, my actions were blocked. What does this mean?

I have been charged for my trial and I want a refund.

I have a trial, but I want to switch my trial plan. How can I do this?

I have a trial, but I have questions. Where can I ask them?

I had a trial, but it’s been cancelled. How can I get it back / what can I do? 

Which plan should I trial?

Which plan should I pick if I had my trial and still do not know?

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I can’t write a ticket, how can I contact support or get help on my issue?

I need help with some routine questions or just a general sense of information. Where can I go to get more info?

How can I get answers to my questions about features, tools, charts, indicators / strategies, or the market in general?

If I can’t find the answer on my own, how will I ever solve the issue I am having?

I want to find the most popular Ideas on TradingView and learn from them / use them to inspire my own ideas. Where can I find them?

How can I publish an idea / script?

Where can I learn more about the most recent updates to TradingView?

I am new to TradingView. Where can I learn more on how to use TradingView features and tools?

Do you have any tutorials or visual learning resources that I can look into?


I really like a specific feature / tool. How can I tell if it’s available on TradingView?

I want to request a feature to TradingView. How can I make sure that my request is received?

We would love to hear your feedback on this addition to our Help Center, so please feel free to send your comments and suggestions. If you feel as though something is missing, let us know and we can work on incorporating it in our next update. It’s our goal to make everyone feel a part of our community, so we strive to build for each and every one of you.