Creating your account and selecting your avatar

When creating a TradingView account, it’s best to do it with clarity and good intentions. Create a username that is real or meaningful to you and complete your profile. To become a top author on TradingView, your account should strive to be authentic and a master at its craft. 

Your public username can be chosen when signing up and can be changed only once afterwards. Please keep this in mind and pick your username carefully and respectfully. We do not allow any profile name or avatar that:

  • Is discriminatory in nature
  • Is overly political
  • Impersonates or ridicules someone else
  • Suggests you are a moderator, TradingView employee or employed by a broker or exchange
  • Contains a website, email address or contact information
  • Contains erotica, nudity or is sexual in nature
  • Is offensive in good taste

Any offence against any of the above will result in your account being blocked from any of the social features on TradingView until the violation has been removed.