How to enable the multi-chart mode?

To enable the multi-chart mode of your layout please click on the “Select Layout” button located on the main toolbar above your chart, and choose the chart set-up you need.

Please note that Essential users can open 2 charts per one tab, Plus users can open up to 4 charts, and Premium users can open up to 8 charts per one tab. 

While our Professional plans provide even more space for advanced charting: 10 charts in one layout for Expert plans, 12 charts in one layout for Elite plans, and 16 charts in one layout for Ultimate plans.

The current limits for each plan can be found on the GoPro page.

The beautiful thing is that you don't have to watch just at small charts, for example, if you choose an 8-chart layout. You can maximize the chart you need by clicking the 'Maximize chart' button or by pressing Alt+Enter or Alt+Click on the chart. 

To switch between charts in multi-chart layout, just press Tab. Learn more about available keyboard shortcuts here.

You can also find some tips and ideas for your multi-chart analysis in our post: Watch multiple charts at once and build the perfect workspace.