An overview of our Newsletters

We use email to send customized messages about markets, product updates and top community members. As our email offerings grow, we've created a more efficient way to customize your email notifications. Head to your profile settings to manage your email preferences and learn more about what's available. 

Symbols Round Up

Our weekly symbols email shows the weekly performance for each symbol that's relevant to you.

Weekly Digest

Our weekly digest email covers some of the most interesting ideas published by traders and investors from around the world. It also shows upcoming earnings, Pine Scripts to try, and some tips for using TradingView.

Discounts and Promotions

The best way to know about discounts that are coming and how to get the best deal from using TradingView to follow markets.

Product Updates

Our monthly product email shows you all of the new features our team has been working on. We're constantly improving the platform, making it faster, and adding tools that will improve the way you research and follow markets. Stay subscribed to this email so that you never miss a new tool.

Education Materials

Simple reminders about markets, including tips & tricks to improve your experience.

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