Why is my Screener empty? Why are there no matches in the Screener?

If your Screener table is absolutely empty or the screener results lack a symbol, there may be several reasons for this:

If you are on your custom Screener filter set, then it is possible that your filtering is so narrow, that no symbols currently match your criteria. Please go to any default preset, e.g. Market Cap, and check for symbols.

Also you may check the "Last trade time" filter.

"Current trading day" option shows from the screener results symbols that were traded in the current session of the market you selected.

"Before current trading day" option shows symbols that were not traded in the current session.

Sort the symbol by the first column - symbol name. If you have set sorting by a column for which there is no data, the table will also be empty.

If you are sure that a specific symbol should have been included in the selection, but was not, please open a support ticket from the chart page, where:

  • This symbol is open on the chart,
  • The Screener is open below your chart,
  • The screen is set to the Screener in which you were waiting for the symbol.

Specify the most accurate time when, in your opinion, the symbol should have appeared in the Screener results.