Currency conversion in the Stock Screener

Stock Screener and ETF Screener displays some data in currency format. For example price data (such as the Last Price of a symbol) is always presented in the currency of a given company, which may not correspond to the local market currency. 

Please note that this data cannot yet be converted.

Financial data (Market Capitalization, Basic EPS, etc.) is listed in the market currency, but can have up to nine conversion options. 

  1. Default currency: the currency of the local market in which the company is located.
  2. USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY: values can be converted to this currency on any market.

For example, there are different ticker currencies for the UK market (this can be seen from the LAST column).

1.The Default conversion option in the Financials menu (GBP in the current example) converts the financial values into the currency of the local market (e.g. British pound sterling for the UK market.)

2. The next conversion option recalculates the financial values into USD currency. 

Note that the Market Cap column is recalculated, while the LAST column remains in the company’s currency.