What do I do if app crashes after starting

A small fraction of our users have faced an issue when TradingView Desktop on Windows crashes within 30 seconds after launching. Here's what we already know about this issue:

  • Affected OS - Windows 11 after upgrading from Windows 10, mostly the Home edition.
  • Affected devices - mostly laptops.
  • Disabling hardware acceleration for the app solves crashing

How to disable hardware acceleration

TradingView Desktop on Windows has hardware acceleration enabled by default. So the first step will be to launch the app by means of Windows Command Prompt. And the second step will be actually disabling hardware acceleration in the app settings. Note that the below instruction is for version 2.5.0 only.

Now, a bit more detailed

1. Launch Command Prompt from the Start menu

2. Copy-paste the following line in the command prompt (all one line) and run it by pressing Enter

cd C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\TradingView.Desktop_2.5.0.4866_x64__n534cwy3pjxzj & TradingView.exe --disable-gpu --force-cpu-draw

3. TradingView Desktop should be running now. Expand the app menu, go to Settings, select Disable hardware acceleration

4. Click Relaunch in the dialog

5. TradingView Desktop should work now. You can close the Command Prompt window