ACC - Support not far away

The fall in ACC has not been surprising - governments crackdown on black money has dragged real estate and infrastructure stocks in the red, with ripples felt in the allied sector such as cement.

The stock was already on a decline - last week's news made the fall steeper.
ACC has successfully retraced to 0.382 of its top at CMP of 1400

What indicators are showing:
Bollinger bands - CMP is towards the lower bound standard deviation.
9 day EMA - price has been consistently below EMA for about two weeks - indicates bearish bias.
RSI - almost near the oversold zone
MACD - Signal and MACD lines verify bearish bias seen in price action, but MACD may cross the signal line from bottom soon.

Forecast- I have marked two scenarios in the chart.
Scenario 1 - If support comes in at 1390-1410 zone (as seen during May 2016), price may go up to immediate resistance - 1460 - 1470
Scenario 2 - If bears continue pounding the stock, next support is not far away - 1315-1325 levels

Traders may choose to enter long as and when the stock gets support.
Note: Levels are sacrosanct and avoid taking risks at intermediate price levels as much as possible.

Happy trading !

Trade closed manually: Bears continued pounding on ACC, breaking both the support levels. The intensity of selling is so high that ACC went 1.5% below support 2.

In such cases, we do not take any LONG positions at the identified levels.

As I said, traders may choose to enter long AS AND WHEN the stock gets support.

In this case, ACC did not get support at all. There should be atleast 3-4 candles on a daily chart (may vary based on individuals' experience) to take the risk of going long - with strict SL.
These candles should close consistently above the support level.
If they don't, it is best not entering the trade.

Remember, making such rules helps in developing a good trading plan - which is of utmost importance to be a successful trader.