Trendshikari PTS V1.0 - Bank Nifty - Buy

Buy @ CMP .

Signals are generated using a proprietary indicator developed by me using Tradingview Pine Script. This systems work on Daily bars and so entries or exits are at the next day open after getting signal (For this signal and this entry you can do this now as the entry price is below open price of the day). Key performance metrics generated from TV Backtester is published below.

Enter with 1/10 th of your trading capital and be ready to load another two positions with 1/10 the equity size when I give signals. Also exit all when I signal so in this tip page. Please post your thoughts, concerns on the system if you have any.
Trade active
Comment: As I noted a position with 1/10 the equity size is opened by the system during the market session today. Buy Open price @ 19465.
Comment: Let me first correct the typo in my last comment. When I gave this idea the price was around 18465 and not 19465 as I accidentally posted. We are still in the game with on this trade with 83.65 points profit. keep watching this page every day after market close for my signals and update on this call.
Comment: Still in the game with profit
Comment: Market has closed today an system is still on the Buy side for Bank Nifty - So hold on this trade.
Comment: Sell tomorrow at market open at market price.
Trade closed manually: Position sold at today's open price - 18237.2. That is 227.8 point loss on this call. Dont worry. As back tester shows we will be back with a bang on Bank Nifty soon.
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What does "Buy +33" indicate here?
@VPS, Its plotted by the bactester. It means 33 contracts have been bought at the bar open against which this is marked.
4 lakh regular loss in 1 lot? do u really believe person will trade after 4 lakh loss?
@ajay8000, its not 4 lakh regular loss in 1 lot. Thats the max peak to valley excursion of the equity curve during the backtest period spanning last 9 years, which in technical terms is called max drawdown of a system. Also this is not a 1 lot strategy. This is a pyramiding strategy where you can enter three trades max per signal during the course of trade of that signal. Moreover the accuracy, profit factor and overall profitability of the system are really good. Drawdowns are part of the game and need to be accepted if you want that fast rise in equity curve as you see in the backtest results.
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Also its worth noting, that the period under backtest from 2007 to this very day, we encountered the pre recession bull market, the bear market during the recession where banks where hit hard and then the post recession bull market rally along with many flattish scenarios. System has triumphed all that and generated profits year after year. Moreover the system turns out similar results in many other diverse instruments in diverse markets including stocks, indexes, commodities, currencies etc. Ask any trading system developer or a fund manager these are hard conditions to excel in and if a system counters all that and comes out profitable, its a robust system. However am still exploring and researching on improving the metrics of the system especially on the position sizing front. Keep posting your views frankly. It will only help me to get the pulse of the community and make my system better.
Thanks for view on Buy Bank Nifty, What will be s.l. ?
@AMBRISH, welcome bro. No stops in this system. This is a daily bar system. Stops would work to hurt profitability as proved in my backtesting.