BANK NIFTY: 20551 LONG DAY CANDLE possible for Bullish harami

So we have a Long Day Candlestick , represents a large price movement from the opening price to the closing price. It can occur in a variety of situations, including at the start of a trend, during the midst of a trend, or at the end of a trend. However, if it appears as an element of a larger pattern, it may provide a strong forecast for the future. This Long Day candlesticks can make following signals, amongst others:
First preference for a bullish view
A Bullish Harami pattern
Make a small GREEN body at the middle appox 20740

Other two are bearish patterns
Falling Three Methods Pattern
Making 3 small GREEN candles from the bottom to top of the body, then on 4th day a down fall
Bearish Harami Pattern
same as bullish harami this Make a small black body at the middle appox 20740.
And a Rising Three Methods Pattern is not possible here
Is just the opposite Making 3 black candle from top to bottom of the main body and go up.
Also Bullish Belt Hold Pattern & Bearish Belt Hold Pattern are least possible chances here like Bullish Engulfing Pattern, Bearish Engulfing Patterns required long body again, I am not looking for that now.
These are all just a hypothetical view.
Tomorrow i will post the day calls, with possible daily move.