GANN squaring a Daniel Ferrera method VS simple indian style

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One of our boarder mate was discussing about the GANN levels he follows for day trading / swing trading.
He said on 29 June that…
Bank Nifty' From High 2305(5) was 135 Degree. And it Was in 5 days 135 Degree. It Was about 843 Points Range (841=315 opp' of 135). Was it a Good Squaring. I am learning through books. So I don't have much confirmation whether I am on right track ..
23055 converted to 2305 and 2305 is 135 Degree.
Mod Formula is wrong. I have also worked with this Mod formula But's completely Wrong.
Sir I know that you have much more knowledge then me but I read somewhere that mod formula is not giving you correct degree. And I checked my self as well……
….And I calculating Degrees According to Daniel Ferrera Explained in his one of the book.

My mussing… Gann Squaring methods allows you to curtail the Number of digits from 5 digits to 4 and 4 digits to 3 like that. There is nothing wrong in that, But it increases the number of combinations and we will be falling in a big mess.

Now lets see what is the actual DEGREE of that number 23055 using MOD formula.
=MOD((SQRT( 23055))*180)-225,360) in excel gives you 105.97. where as the curtailed number 2305 go to =MOD((SQRT( 2305))*180)-225,360) is giving 136.87. when you curtail a digit, a huge change in degree is occurred. If you are satisfied with lesser digits and its accuracy, then there is no point in claiming a precision.

Off course both the system has slight differences in results, but you must be flexible for that one or two degrees. There is no definite rule for all that squaring numbers. It has got a wide range and lucky if you could find one in time.

Buy applying Dannel Ferrare method:
I take 24th May bottom 22470 as a pivot and see an example below,
also depicted in the BN chart.
Square' of 9 method, price & time must balance on a hard aspect.
The hard aspects are 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 and 360. Out of which
315-deg Angle is the most accurate angle of the entire chart and is used to calculate all other values. The Squares of Odd numbers are all on this angle.
The SQUARE' numbers in GANN square are aligned in rings, say, the center is 1, first ring up to 9, second ring up to 25, then 49 and so on….
How to find the Degrees of a price or dates
Step 1)
Find the Ring# of 22470 =ROUND((SQRT(22470)-0.22)/2,0) gives you the result 75
In excel cell enter the “ = Round((SQRT( input Price or Date)-0.22 / 2),0) “
{This rounds to the nearest whole number, i.e. it eliminates the decimals}
Then we go to get the 315 DEGREE which falling in the Lower Left cardinal cross aligned with 9, 25, 39, 81………,153, try =(22470*2+1)^2-(7*22470) ie: 22801
Which is the square' of 151.
Step 3)
Find, Zero degree , which is falling in left of the horizontal cardinal line.
To find the zero degree or START number apply =(22470*2+1)^2
ie: 22276
Step 4)
Find back the angle Degree of that number
=SUM((22470- 75) / (22276/45)) you get 116.4 degree.
Step 5)
Now go on adding 45 Degree to find a resistance area and find value for that angle

Eg: 116 +315 Degree is 431 DEG
=($B1*2+1)^2-(7*$B1)+ (($B1 / 45) *M1) change cell values to price & Deg
=($22470*2+1)^2-(7*$75)+ (($75 / 45) *431) come 22995

And first round bull run at 855 degree we got 23898, Both you can see in the attached table and chart. Have some patients and study this carefully. I have a broad mind to share but limitation to out it in a comprehensive way.

What I say is, DON’T do all these calculations, Just remember that you are at 24k and 151 is the root round number. Ok. Remember 45 x 8 =360
For 8 parts of 45 degree at this 75th ring, just go on add 75 x 8 times to get the next square' number.
That means, add or deduct 3 times 75 ie:225 to the pivot , you get 135 DEG resistance.
Opposite to 135 is 315 (180+135=315) so 7time 75 ie:525 added to the pivot will be the 315 Deg resistance value.
Just take it casually. It may or may not come true
Comment: contd...
Just take is casually. It may or may not come true. But there are east ways too.
So in the above example , we found 22470 as bottom pivot we got stopped at 22470+1425= 22895 may be a coincidence. But again 22470 +225= 22995 we had a support.

What is next then.. we have top now at 23898, right? That means we may find a bottom pivot somewhere at a multiple of 75 reduced/added to the top.
Probably 23898-525= 23373 or 23073 or even 22470. Let us watch and see.
Newest Approach, Looks Good. Found some incorrect in Typing. EX #1 : "stopped at 22470+1425= 22895 may be a coincidence" i think you want to say "23895" in place of 22895, Ex #2: "But again 22470 +225= 22995 we had a support" i think you want to say "22695" in place of 22995.
ONE Thing more, as i belief Fibonacci always works, as you Mentioned in Chart "144 bar" 144 is 11th FIB Sequence.
@DSKF16, thanks for reading in details. all the values are marked in chart as well as in the table, to avoid confusions.
23895 is a correction yes.

The pivot 22470 , the top 23898( tablevalue, it is only 23895), and the support 22996 is marked in main chart too.
Thanks again great reader.
DSKF16 padiyaraa
@padiyaraa, To read it takes less than 10 mins, But to Prepare needs More than 10 hours. You spend more than10 Hours why as a viewer i can't spend 10 mins?
Always Great content :)
only the shopping started now
will be missing you all for few more days...
mugunthan2k padiyaraa
Mr. Padiyaraa,

Very interesting and I am completely new to Gann concept, can u please suggest me some books or reference for practical application of GANN theory.

Thanking you in advance
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