BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis November 18

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for November 18.

This is a move after the private on November 17th.

Yesterday, the green support line and previous low did not break away.

It was finished to the upward along the purple parallel line.

After entering the $ 59191.5 long position -> the maximum profit is $ 1686.5.

If you click the replay button,
It succeeded in rebounding without much difference from the basic strategy.

Congratulations to all who Profit.

Currently, the 15-minute support VS the 30-minute resistance is touching.
It has been changed to ascending dominance, and the 4-hour chart Golden Cross is on standby.

More details will be discussed in the analysis section.

4 hour chart

For me, sometimes the top price and the bottom price
There are people who are wondering if it fits well.

Depending on the movements you can make in a day
You can find out by calculating the highest and lowest points

At least my analysis
There is a high chance of failure as it is a one-way
Because it accurately calculates the chart flow and pattern by time period,
I mean, it's not a ignorant long, not an ignorant short.

Still on condition
If the purple parallel line is maintained, you can go to Top
strong rise

The green support line is today's life line.

If you leave, it becomes the Bottom section

Isn't it difficult to see this?

Red up / light blue down movement path check

As I explained yesterday, because the phoneme is thick
Today, I will try to focus on the sideways rather than the trend.

I made today's trading strategy based on this content.

Everyone who is studying charts, didn't you feel a little strange?

Bottom section is gradually coming up at the bottom

Short chung, unconditionally falling, ignorant shot
For example, we are only talking about sections that are set in this way: 51K 54K .

When operating in real time
If there is a rebound like yesterday, the support line at the bottom will also rise.

That's why it rises and falls in the future
Real-time selection is the most important

From experience, isn't it?

The entry point everyone is talking about is never reached.

I have a one-way neutral strategy

The short-term pattern and atmosphere look good.
The ichimoku blue cloude is too thick.
There are many resistance lines to cross.

Today's long position / spot exchange operators
The main life line is the green support line.

If it does not break the purple support line, it is likely to reach the top price.
If the green support line is broken, it will go down to the bottom.

Among them, I am the middle arrow movement path one-way strategy.
If the green support line breaks, the strategy will fail.

* When the red arrow moves

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

1) $61804 short position operating section / Stop loss when the green resistance line is broken

2) $59805.5 long position switching section / Stop loss when the green support line is broken

The final target is $62555.5.

As the latest trend dies at the end, it is a Stop Loss correction
It looks good to connect with a trend or to be ignorant, and to wait without a position.

The spot exchange looks the same as yesterday, as an minor alt market.

Those who are entering
Shortly monetized by breaking the purple support line

I'll end it here in the afternoon without any comments.

Principle trading / Stop loss required

Thanks for reading

Order cancelled:

Bitcoin guide

After writing the analysis, we will check the movement

Private comments.

transaction cancellation.

Bottom section reached.

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