Added Super Trend on MarketMonster-S/R Indicator

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
A modified version of the MarketMonster-S/R with an RSI overbought/oversold filter

Comment/uncomment "Study/Strategy" to easily switch to strategy() mode
As long as it is used in the study() version, the indicator is compatible with the Risk Management Wrapper

Separate Alerts for Buy & Sell signals
Single Alert for both Buy & Sell signals - it can also be used by another indicator as a source

Release Notes: This is a simple super trend based trend indicator.

By default the supertrend is 10 period with 3 ATR multiplier.

A moving average is used to benefit from the pullback entries.

Bullish Pullback : Price above Supertrend & below MA
Bullish: Price above Supertrend and above MA

Bearish pullback : Price below Supertrend & above MA
Bearish : Price below Supertrend & below MA