ChennaiPetro- Right in the block hole Reminds me Lasith Malinga

Even before the results were out for Chennai Petro- I warned that there is a wedge pattern & possibly it looks to top out in a 310-320 zone. The fall exactly from the zone 310-320 as per previous updates - reminds me of Srilankan Bowler -Lasith Malinga- He is quite capable of upsetting best of the best batsmen across the globe- when he bowls those special deliveries or in cricketing term we call block hole deliveries- batsman hardly get any chance to maneuver the ball & he gets surprised by getting out leg before the wicket & sometimes clean bowled.

Bearish Candle right at the top also gives the first clue that Petro could be topping out.

Vow- Same Thing happening currently with Chennai Petro. Bang On- Centre stump is hit.

Earlier Update (Closer look at the wedge pattern)

Earlier Update (Larger Time Frame Chart)

Trade active: 10:15 Hrs- "o" the fall- Here we go -Trading at 289.
Comment: 10:15 Hrs- IST-8th Sep2016- Chennai Petro - I am so elated that I picked the top of the stock exactly on its head. Yaa- I know its risky to predict tops & bottoms but unfortunately I love doing this again & again. Thanks for all your support
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