Trading - A Psycological Aspect

What makes a trader successful? Do you think it is technical knowledge? A good trading platform? Money? A proper mindset? A trader can blow off everything when he dont have a proper mindset. What is a proper mindset? You should have a sage or monk's mindset. I am not joking. This is the truth. One should overcome fear, greed, anger, ego and frustration to be successful in the market. When you overcome all these you will have the calmness to focus.
How a hunter hunts? By focusing his/her target without second thought. Don't force your trades. Dont force your entries and exits. Don't force your learning process. When you try to learn lot of things simultaneously everything will overlap.
Thanks to rupambose, he made me to think about a loser's as well as a winner's mindset by his 'n' number of comments in my post. A winner won't analyse 'n' number of scripts a day. Winners analyse few scripts and do it perfectly. Losers show their anger, frustration on others at the end of the day/during the day. Now decide yourself. Are you a winner or loser? Choice is completely yours!
Comment: Budget day. Trade safely(Due to the spikes SL will get hit)!
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vanathi madam ji very nice idea u posting........... i cheak my mind set..... and then i know that i m very bog looserrrrrr....... i alsways show my angreeness and my frustration to other trading view member...... now i know i m top in looser catorgary.......
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vanathi shiv_n
@shiv_n, You have a unique way of expressing...
shiv_n vanathi
@vanathi, madam ji ur every idea is unique.... so wt can i do also do expressing qnique way....
vanathi shiv_n
@shiv_n, :)
You should have a sage or monk's mindset......Its 100% right.....everyword mentioned on ur topic very true...thanks for sharing.
Absolutely, this is the basic and important for any Trader. Off course, difficult to accept the Truth, can be attained by course of time through learning and experience. It is a must to be successful in all walks of life
vanathi Subra1953
@Subra1953, Yes, I agree...
if stop loss given then trade is always safe,a good trader always maintain it,maximum trader get lose due to not maintaing stop loss,they trade with fear when market fall , and hope ,expectation,that they get profit,one day,one of main benefit of stoploss is after buying or selling ,he have no fear ,hope and expectation,if prediction not go right then market out him with minimum loses,for safty of capital it is required to maintaing stoploss.
Great Post. Sums up well...
vanathi anupam_ahuja
@anupam_ahuja, Thank you...