Trader's Queries & Newbie's corner - Can everybody trade? Part 4

Prologue : Trading seems to be the perfect solution in tough times. When there is no hope, trading gives easy ways to earn money. Share market looks so mesmerizing with so many good promises. Thrills everybody with its twists and turns. Who will escape from its attraction? Who dares to challenge it? For every tick, it makes the heart beat faster, making the hormones to addict to it. Who dares to control their mind? U do ?
Query : This week's most asked query.
I have 2 Lakhs in my savings and lost job recently. Can I start trading to fulfil my family needs?
Finding job in this pandemic has become tough. Can I trade with borrowed money?
Answer : Ok, lets take few examples. An engineer lost his job. Can he start doing surgery to earn money? To fulfil his family needs? A pilot lost his job. Can he start to work as a software engineer to feed his family? Does not sound logical or correct, right? Now read the query again.
Step 4 : Everything has a right value. Stock market price moves up when there is demand and price falls down when there is supply. A person gives more emotional attachment to money when he has financial problems. A trader trades well when he give the right value for the money. When a trader under values money, he gets greed, risks more and trade without proper position sizing. When a trader over values money, he get fear and miss good trading opportunities. Can you understand now how emotions make a trader to trade with out discipline?
To become an engineer, a person has to complete B.E in engineering. To become a physician, a person has to complete MBBS. To become a trader is there a degree qualification? No. But it does not mean without proper education you can be profitable.
You can be profitable if you have proper trading education and education. Everybody can trade with proper education.

(to be continued...)
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Good Morning. This enlightning articles are gem for me and for all of us as well. Really genuine teaching, I wish I had this knowledge before I started career in trading, I might not gone through tough time. Madam, your lessons are extremely simple but we people has problem following such an simple but most effective lessons. Thank you for your constatant dedication towards society to make them more profitable.
vanathi dailysampatti
@dailysampatti, Good day. Thank you for the kind words :)
Excellent Madam
vanathi maheshsaidula09
@maheshsaidula09, Thank you.
Stock markets have always been an alternate option for earnings. Current situation has bought in more of them. So what is next Vanathi ji
vanathi Mehta1
@Mehta1, True. Next step will be posted in next post.
Knowledgeable psychological thoughts you have presented...but I didn't understand why you Shared the PSU Bank Chart..??
vanathi Shivakumar_B_M
@Shivakumar_B_M, Post is not about charting. Thank you for the comment.