two pictures seen in this stock -
1 . on weekly charts from 2 weeks we r seeing 2 hammer candles, which itself shows a strong demand zone between 660 720 zone .
2 . on daily chart we can see a small traingle setup .
for day traders buy with 780 sl for 830 target
for medium term trader buy for 900 level sl 765
Trade closed manually
Comment: seems a bull trap(personal view), ignore trade
Comment: or trade with very tight sl
Comment: bull got trapped
784 to 754
Comment: once again bull got trapped.
its clearly visible on weekly chart that its in extremly bearish trend and flag pattern was in formation which again is a continuation pattern which suggest a downward breakdown which it gave today.
bull trap. it should touch 600 level before any bounce.


Yes I completely Agree with you its bull trap , I have been following it, but again it will rebound form 750 or 748 to 780 if it fails to hold 748 then it will head to 680
Your views are Good to understand
Best Regards
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kacharts shiv2798
@shiv2798,thanks bro.actually jo mujhe samajh aata h , still correction is left in entire pharma stcok so bounce should b used to sell rather than buy. anyways what matter is u earn , till u r earning everything is good :-)
kacharts shiv2798
@shiv2798, and yes ideas should be simple not that complex jo bouncer ho jaye