Resistance became Support

Market respect that trend line , which was previously Resistance Line and break, after few days It became Support Line.


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Good clear chart with good clear explanation.

It is a super simple concept, but one of the most important in trading.
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@AngusMcK, Sir thanks a lot, my aim is teach peoples about stock market, especially Technical Analysis. So they can financially independent in near future.
Please share your learning about the Price Behaviour when it hits the Trend Line for Fourth Time. Does it always break the Trendline?
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marketaffairs HarjitSinghSainiAlamgir
@HarjitSinghSainiAlamgir, Ok sir sure, but stock will not always break the trendlines. They will try to fluctuate within a channel (support & resistance line). When resistance line break that will act as a support and keep going.
aap trendline ko kuch jyada hi uper tkk leke aaye ji ... weekly me dekhiye tbb vo glt dikhega aapko ....vo support usne actual me 200ema pr liya tha with RSI divergence 😅😅
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@Shiv03, wow ..impressive.
@Shiv03, can you share that Sir? In my chart nothing is showing like that. So kindly publish that and tag my name in the comment box.
marketaffairs spatil198915
@spatil198915, thanks a lot, stay happy stay healthy.
Chart is wrong. DLF day chart does not show this at all. Kindly do not post wrong charts