Price Action with clear picture of Volume on DRREDY:

------------------------------Price Action vs. Volume!------------------------------------

Let's talk on the left to the right side:
6th and 5th candles : wide body with normal tail and 3x volume which means buyers.

4rd Candle,
Volume less compared to 5th and 6th candle and price falling: Clearly showed that something is cooking and till price can move up because of abnormality seen with volume . Buyers are started booking profit!!!

3rd Candle: Tail in both sides, the volume also validated and clear its was profit booking started who has bought.

2nd: Upar wicks and price closed nearby opened which indicates that sellers ready to sell if they get chance.

---> We are ready for U-turn
Comment: Almost all are asking the same question ...! Let me answer here ->

I suggest to short this stock or buy put whenever create ATH.