Ethereum Moves Ahead, Will Bitcoin Follow?

BITMEX:ETHUSD   ETHUSD Perpetual Futures Contract
Last time we looked at Bitcoin vs Ripple and we saw them both going up together, which is something to stop at because these two normally move inverse to each other...

Differently from Bitcoin vs Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin now move together.
Seeing Ethererum ( ETHUSD ) brake above resistance and starting to move higher, can signal that Bitcoin will do the same.

Unusual Bullish Signal For The Crypto-Markets, Bitcoin vs Ripple

Ethererum is now challenging EMA300 at $178.50 while aiming higher

On this chart above, we can see really good volume coming in while momentum is starting to build up.

The magenta lines are for the targets while the blue ones mark ETHUSD support.
The indicators are looking strong and bullish , Ethereum is likely to make another jump before it enters correction followed by consolidation mode.

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