Support and resistance—the yin and yang of crypto trading. Let’s dive into the mystical world of ETH (Ethereum) and decipher its price moves like seasoned sorcerers. 🧙‍♂️

Support Spells: These are the invisible safety nets beneath ETH’s feet. When the price stumbles, they whisper, “Fear not, hodler!” Here’s where they lurk:
$3,120 Zone: A cozy spot where ETH sips chai and says, “I shall not fall further!”
$3,165: The 100-hourly Simple Moving Average—ETH’s trusty sidekick.
Resistance Enchantments: These are the force fields above ETH’s head. They fend off bullish ambitions. Look up, my friend:
$3,280 Zone: The gateway to moonland. If ETH breaks through, fireworks!
$3,800: The mystical number where resistance dances. It’s like a bouncer at a VIP party.
Pivot Point Potions: The magical average of high, low, and close prices. Imagine a cauldron stirring:
PP (Pivot Point): The center of the spell circle.
R1 (1st Resistance): Twice the PP minus the low—ETH’s secret weapon.
S1 (1st Support): Twice the PP minus the high—ETH’s safety cloak.
Remember, fellow crypto wizards, ETH’s journey is full of twists. So grab your wands (or trading apps) and chant, “Bull or bear, we ride together!” 🚀🔮

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