AmbujaCem, FedBank, Biocon, JubFood - recovery possible

I'm keeping a close watch on these counters. I think they are headed up.
Already did a quick BTST on Biocon and closed for a small profit.
Being Friday, shall engage with caution. However, I will keep checking for opportunity here.
Comment: Biocon trades are doing well. Already 18 points profit per lot since yesterday. Ref to:
Comment: Entered long AmbujaCem @219.8 (futures price) SL 2190.6
Trade closed manually: Exit AmbujaCem @220.2
Comment: Long on Jublfood @2424 (futures price)
Trade closed manually: Closed Jublfood @2460... 36 points in 5 minutes!! Lot size 250... traded more than 1 lot.
Comment: .... I meant "36 points in about 15 minutes"
Comment: Have been trading long on Ambuja, Jubilant and Biocon ever since this post was published. Very decent profits at small risk since these had already fallen quite a lot.

Federal Bank is still dropping but even that has reached the bottom I think. Shall consider long positions in a bit.
Comment: Federal Bank and Ambuja are finally moving the way I expected. I waited patiently... very very patiently... and have very profitable trades in both these plus Jubilant Food & Biocon in futures market
Comment: Gained about 300+ points on Jubilant Food on long trades since this chart was posted.