FORCE MOTORS possible Elliot wave counts

Here we had shared today possible Elliot wave counts of Force Motors ltd, on daily time frame, as per Elliot wave structure its clearly showing that we are in correction phase after impulse started from bottom of pandemic period of march 2020 and completed wave 1 till swing high of November 2021, well, if this phase was a fresh impulse as a wave 1, then currently we are in correction phase which had been unfolded as a zigzag pattern 5-3-5 subdivisions like (A)-(B) and now possibly we are in wave C, where we can say that of bigger degree wave 2 will be completed along with wave (C), now wave (C) should unfold in 5 subdivisions, in which we had completed wave 1 and now possibly we can retrace wave 2 as a contra trend. currently it may go bit upside as wave (a) - (b) and (c) inside of wave 2, which should not cross high of 1585 levels, and may turn down again to complete wave 3 - 4 and 5 of wave (C) of bigger degree wave 2.
On completion of wave 2 one can go long in this with invalidation level of 591 for targets above 1700 - 1800 and more.
In both upside and down side invalidation levels are mentioned on chart, if they breaches then we can assume that our study is missing something.

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I am not sebi registered analyst.
My studies are for educational purpose only.

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