Do not take positions without your own due diligence and taking positions based solely on the work of other traders eventually ends up in a loss. This is meant to be a real-time education tutorial and I should not be held responsible for any financial losses incurred in trades. Use this information for what it is- learning. As always, investments are always subject to market risk.
Trade active: Entry - 1202
SL - 1049 ( I use the aggressive one)
Target: 1425
RR: 1.5
% capital risked: 1.5%
Comment: Because this trade also presented an intraday opportunity, I made a profit of 1R today itself, so even if the stop-loss is hit, I don't lose money.
Entry: 1216.8
Exit: 1240.95
SL: 1194
Profit : 1R
Comment: Trade is up 1R, which means the stop-loss is now set at breakeven.
Trade closed manually: Net Profit: 0.95R
The market has become very climatic so it is better to exit than to give away the profits. Another approach would be to keep the stop at breakeven (as the 1R profit target was hit) and let the winners run. Choose your risk management protocol to your liking.


Good Clean Charts. Keep up the good work !!
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Volume might pick up later when trend gets clearly established. Keep up the good work
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