How we traded form 820 to 1372 ( 73%)

Now you all know that i have method called wave theory i use for forecasting and take High profitable trades

Now you all know that Many of you have contacted me but did not believe me because of your mis-directed belief in short term trend trading

when you try to catch fish in the pound you will miss the Tons of Fish in the sea , because your view and methods are only limited to pound where you see few fish and want to catch them ,

Having a view of larger trend will always benefits you but knowing how to gauge the market is what gives you income or revenue in the stock market ,

We traded in cash & Futures form 821 to 1372 , Now we still see its Going to 1450 but we are also human being so we are booking our both Cash and Futures

This is the reason i always learn well before you enter the market and earn well so die rich not poor ,

I am attaching my public post in the Trading view where entire Mass psychology was considering its going down , Enjoy your earnings so far you made

Make an efforts in learning so you can also Join the team of winners who enjoy Grate earnings

Good luck people

Comment: if you have read my Message correctly i have said it will Go to 1450 Now it has made it , One More shreeKrishna Magic , ha ha
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