Heg : Rectangle pattern pattern (Time frame - 1 Week )

Heg : Rectangle pattern pattern (Time frame - 1 Week )

Chart time frame -1 Week
Trade type -Short term
Duration - 2 months

Entry - 2110
Target - 2440
Stoploss - 1790

Risk : Reward - 1:1

Disclaimer :
Entry - Bullish candle should sustain above the mentioned level for 5 to 15min. Then only entry shall be taken.
Target - Sometimes, exact target value may not be achieved. It shall be booked as per your comfort zone.
Stoploss - Stoploss value shall be checked on the basis of candle close at the end of the day.
Quantity - It shall be decided on the basis of stoploss and risk profile based on total portfolio value.

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Disclaimer: All charts are purely for educational and information purpose only. I am not a SEBI registered Investement advisor. Please Trade and invest based on your knowledge and risk profile.

Trade active
Trade closed: stop reached