ICICI - EOD Analysis!

After taking support ICICIBANK has broken the trendline in morning indicating bullishness. It made a high of 283.50. Since I was bullish about banknifty , I waited for the price action to move above 283.5.
At 11.35 price action crossed above 283.5. Entered trade at 283.5 with stoploss 281. I thought Europen markets will be in green. All were red. I hold my long. And ICICI gave movement after 3.00.
3.06PM at the price 284.7 I exit. Day trading is always a cake walk!
Comment: Breaking previous day's low, Chennaipetro took support at the long term trend line. I analysed it yesterday but missed it to trade.
Comment: Yesterday's analysis helped today!
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Why is this chart not suggesting anything that's going to happen and rather just what you already did ? And you entered ICICI with 2 points stoploss and exited with even lower target of 1.2 points. Cakewalk ? Sure. Once a trade goes right, cakewalk to post how it went right ! The whole challenge lies in posting calls in advance.
vanathi dravya
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@vanathi, It's for the benefit of readers, not you. So you can skip reading my comments, no problem :)
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@vanathi, i did not find anything wrong in dravya comment's, 1 or 2 points you can easily get in any scrip daily but that does not make it a good trade. Though i really appreciate your charts and analysis, hope you will take it in a positive manner
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@akshay.lakhina, Am I saying I am the best trader, I am the no 1 trader in this world? Please dont read my posts as you think it is not a good trade. Thank you.
good finding on ICICI...