Why I choose Heikin Ashi Over Regular candlestick Part 2


1. The first interpretation is the color of Heikin Ashi candle. If the candle is showing Red color then it means that bears are taking control. As told earlier Heikin Ashi is Averaged candlestick if Heikin Ashi candle showing Red candle means it’s clearly indicating Selling Pressure. Same in case of Green Heikin Ashi candle its showing Bulls are in control and indicating Buying Pressure.
2. Second interpretation is about Wick/Shadow/Tail. If the candle is red and does not have UPPER wick then it's indicating huge Selling Pressure. Same is for Green Heikin Ashi candle if candle does not have a wick on LOWER side then it's indicating huge Buying Pressure. And if there is wick on both sides its indicating confusion between Bulls and Bears and we have to wait for completion of Next candle.
3. Third and most important interpretation in my view is Heikin Ashi candlestick pattern. Heikin Ashi only has two candlestick patterns first is DOJI and second one is Spinning Tops/Spinning Bottoms. If Doji or Spinning top or both appears at top one should be cautious it may be indicating Trend Reversal it may be short or long. Same in case of Doji or Spinning Bottom or both at the low indicating Trend Reversal.
Now one of the most important question arises does Heikin Ashi supports Trend Lines, Indicators, Breakouts. The Answer is Yes it supports all things Trendlines, Indicators, Breakouts. One of the most interesting thing about Heikin Ashi is that as the closing price is average price and maximum indicators value calculated using closing price as a result, the chances of giving false Signal reduced. That’s it for this article I hope you will get some idea Heikin Ashi from this article.

Note - > I forgot to mention one important thing next Heikin Ashi candle is always starting from the middle of the previous candle.
One thing you should always keep in mind you have to Flexible while reading or analyzing chart and applying your studies. Thank You

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