Infosys - 900 Sikka Chal Gaya! What Next?

From the previous post- Double Power-Bottoms & Trendlines-Can it hold, we had the opportunity to buy Infosys in the range 900-920 as it was strong zone & suggested that we were looking for 1090 & 1135 as target zones- but we all know financial instruments never move in a straight line. So, I am back here for the community.

As per the previous post, we took profits at1000 & are out & waiting at the sidelines - post that 1000 -it made a small high@1014 & had a sharp fall to 992 lows which could be part of correction- as it is a countrend move -I hardly play for these moves as they can be a nightmare because corrections can give money no doubt but more than that it will raise your blood pressure(B.P.)- So, what is the use of that money if one has to spend it checking doctors.

Trading Strategy

Possible path has been shown next to price structure -how Infosys could move next, recovery from 992 shown as blue arrow is the toughest & one should wait as suggested below.

Current Scenario- Selling below 992 with stops above 1014
The fall from 1014 to 992 was sharp & currently doing sideways likely it continues down to 975-980 zone where circled wave ii-iii gets retraced by 38.2% & retraced 50% in the zone 965-970 where selling positions could be booked likely can act as support zone .

Finally, we will come back again to join the medium term trend which is upside to catch the big fish for zone 1030-1040 as the next target zone.

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Comment: 22:18 Hrs 20th Feb2017

Closing price@1030

That was amazing solid move it was slightly above 992 -started from 993 to 1031.
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Awsome analysis abhishek ji.....
Excellent bottom fishing...thanx
@NicksStar, Did you took advantage of buying in the zone 900-920.
NicksStar AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, sorry for the late reply ,yes sir i m buying @ 918.