JP Associate- So close 9.00 to 9.25 - Did you buy?

Last Traded Price@10.25

JP has favorite number 65 --11.65 -- 10.65

As suggested in a previous update that we shall either look to buy in the zone 9-9.25 or moving above the latest high of 11.

Wow!- Started moving again.

Trading Strategy -
Either look again to buy in the zone 9-9.25 if drops as it already close to that zone pushed to 10.65-recent high or taking long positions once 11 is crossed.

All the nested charts has "load bar feature with a forward arrow to see future bars!

Previous Update- JP Associate 2016 Diary
Trade active: 16:56 Hrs 21st Jan2017

Last price@9.85

Turned again down from 10.65- its favorite number as mentioned above. Heading in the direction of 9-9.25
Trade active: 18:36 Hrs 3rd Feb2017

Last price@12.95

Day's High@13.60

Crossed 11 - did you buy as suggested in last update above.

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