Reliable but rare Candlestick pattern : Three Stars in the South

"Three Stars in the South" is one of the most reliable bullish reversal pattern but it does not form very often. Identification criteria is as under. The market is in a downtrend;
The first candle is black with a long real body, long lower shadow, and no upper shadow;
The second candle is black with a shorter real body and a higher low than the first candle’s low;
And, the third candle is black with a short real body and no shadows and a close that’s within the high-low range of the second candle.
It is ranked first in top reversal candlestics pattern by Thomas Bulkowski.

Please post here if you find it.

Trade closed: target reached: Rewarded above 10% in 3 Bars. :)


HI, is there an automated script to find this
praveen.bhatiya prashanth41
@prashanth41, Candlestick could be easily programmed but unfortunately i don't have that and try to find it manually.
10%.. Awesome!!!
@safri, I have read about this candle's reliability and Universe was very kind. :)