The Confluence Trade

I can see lot of convergence at 503 to 512 zone. That's a big zone but I can't help it b'coz ATR is high. Also observed bullish gartley and ABCD harmonic pattern in a highly oversold zone. So there are high chances of reversal from this zone. I ll hunt for 538, 558 and 568. Initial stops is quite wide, but it could be set below the buying signal which will be assumed as the established swing low.

Kindly apply your own due diligence before trading ideas from TV.

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Comment: Bouncing but entry is difficult :)
Comment: I am still not in this trade.. Waiting for a pattern to develop on lower timeframe. Then I'll try break out trade. Pattern and entry will be updated if possible.
Comment: Stock formed a double bottom on this TF and broke out of falling wedge which is bullish. Assuming that a swing low is established, Stop for this trade could be below yesterday's low (507)
Comment: Intraday targets could be 526 and 534.
Disclaimer: I don't trade news, I trade only what the chart is telling.
Comment: Lost 2 points in the volatility but gained 20 afterwards. Currently no position.