Kava Price Crashes Near Multi-Month Low Value: What’s Next?

kava's price crashed sharply near its multi-month low value, losing 30% in the last two weeks.
The post-halving sessions have triggered a new correction phase in Bitcoin and other altcoins.

The Kava price has been experiencing substantial selling pressure in recent weeks, resulting in a loss of nearly 30% of its value during this period. This cryptocurrency has plummeted to almost its lowest value in six months, shedding most of its gains.

To make matters worse, the broader crypto markets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have also been under significant selling pressure in the last week amid the Bitcoin halving event. However, Kava's price took a significant hit in the second week of April, well before the Bitcoin halving event. The selling pressure in the broader market has only added fuel to the declining price of Kava.

The recent price crash has caused a lot of fear among investors. However, it's important to analyze the situation closely and determine whether the crypto will rebound or continue to decline in the upcoming sessions. Let's thoroughly examine the various data and their perception towards the crypto's next move.
Can KAVA Price Continue to Crash Or Receover Ahead?

It is expected that the KAVA price may face some challenges in the coming days, as the daily chart indicates a sharp decline after the breakdown of the lower boundary of the symmetrical triangle pattern. Although the crypto previously surged forming higher lows and taking support from a trendline support till mid-March, the formation of a triangle pattern and subsequent lower highs led to the sharp breakdown.

In the near future, it is anticipated that the price may continue to head towards the south after a short pullback. The $0.63 and $0.55 levels may serve as a support zone, but it remains to be seen whether sellers will continue to dominate and drive the price further lower.

Given these developments, it is crucial for investors to keep a close eye on the KAVA price in the coming days to make informed decisions accordingly.
<iframe title="Santiment Chart: Negative sentiment (Total) (KAVA), Positive sentiment (Total) (KAVA), Weighted sentiment (Total) (KAVA)" width="1170" height="425" src="https://embed.santiment.net/chart?ps=kava&pt=KAVA&df=2023-12-01T00%3A00%3A00.000Z&dt=2024-03-22T18%3A29%3A59.514Z&sat=shchcfg_0fkcqXWOckcn&emcg=1&emhwm=1&wm=sentiment_negative_total%3Bsentiment_positive_total%3Bsentiment_volume_consumed_total&wax=0%3B1%3B2&wc=%23FF5B5B%3B%23FFCB47%3B%235275FF&ws=%7B%22interval%22%3A%221d%22%7D%3B%7B%22interval%22%3A%221d%22%7D%3B%7B%22interval%22%3A%221d%22%7D" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Looking ahead, it is worth noting the latest data obtained from the app.santiment.net website. The weighted sentiments curve has fallen below the zero line which indicates that the sentiments have turned negative. This development may evoke fear among investors and the Kava crypto may continue to choose bearishness in the short term.

Kava Crypto Technical Outlook!

Based on the technical indicators, it seems that the crypto market is headed to lose more in the short term. The exponential moving averages of 50 and 200 days are currently placed above the price, which indicates a bearish trend in the near future.
Additionally, the daily chart shows a bearish crossover of both lines, which adds confirmation to a potential downward trend continuation.

At the moment, the RSI line is at 36.60 points and the SMA line is at 38.28 points. Both lines have withdrawn below the mean line, indicating that selling pressure is dominating the market.
Kava cryptocurrency has experienced a significant drop in price by almost 30% in the last couple of weeks, due to selling pressure in the Kava and weakening in broader crypto markets. Investors are concerned about whether Kava will rebound or continue to decline. The daily chart shows a sharp decline after the breakdown of the lower boundary of the symmetrical triangle pattern, and technical indicators suggest a bearish trend in the near future.

Also, The weighted sentiments curve has fallen below the zero line, and the RSI and SMA lines indicate that selling pressure is dominating the market. Currently, the crypto is facing significant selling pressure and is showing no signs of recovery. it may continue to erode until buyers dominate near the lower levels.
Technical levels:
Support levels: $0.63 and $0.56
Resistance levels: $0.77 and $0.90


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