LNT in verge of break out

LNT looking bullish above 1510 with sl of 1462 for tgt of 1690/1700
Comment: trade open
Trade active
Trade active: long term trade still open
Trade active: trade active heading towards target
a successful trader must identify his fantasies and get rid of them
Trade active: revise stop loss according your money management
Comment: stock zooming nearing the target
Comment: closing at high
Comment: follow up chat earlier one was posted 23 days ago
Trade active: your trades must be based on clearly defined rules. You have to analyze your feelings as your trade, to make sure that your decisions are intellectually sound. You have to structure your money management so that no string of losses can kick you out of game.
Trade closed: target reached: exit positions
Comment: took 25 days to reach target
Comment: stock is in uptrend
in verge of break out
keep it in watch list
Comment: 1 st consolidation in the form of flag
2 nd ascending triangle and now a small symmetrical triangle
Comment: lnt started moving
Comment: will post targets later
Trade active: fresh break out today will post the targets soon
Comment: pl. check the follow up posting
Trade active
Trade active
Trade active
Comment: for the second entry profit can be booked from 1777/1809
Comment: reaching the target mentioned