Will LUPIN be mooning soon? Buying opportunity & analysis

First of all, let's understand the current structure, LUPIN is currently making flat Bottoms so yes! a double bottom is in the making. Here RSI which is forming higher highs higher lows structure basically contradicts the price which is forming flat bottoms so this is what a bullish divergence looks like! So now we will plot Volume profile which shows highest traded zones over the chart and the current zone comes under the highest traded zone. Another term POC (point of control) which signifies the particular price level and it's 979 and according to simple price volume analysis we know whenever POC is broken by bullish candles it indicates that bulls are now back in power so this is our third confirmation. Look at the volume expansions in the area so I've made my point clear here. Now,
To Summarize!
we can enter above 991 (safe entry) or otherwise right after breakout of POC with a strong bullish candle with volumes.
SL Below 915 (Logic; if the bears somehow returns we've a strong support at 917 so in this case a SL below the 915 would ensure that our SL does not get hit and after that a triple bottom might form but the chances of this scenario are less but still always have a backup plan.
T1- 1144
T2- 1246
Logic; based on prev . resistance zones.
I hope I made this setup easier to understand. Feel free to ask any queries below. Happy Investing!
Comment: Entry right now is not safe. Let the price go either above POC or above 991 levels with volumes for a smooth entry.
Comment: As expected it came down to take support once again. TRIPLE BOTTOM in making. That's why we don't put a strict SL. Risky buying right now as results are coming soon. Safe BUYING above 990