Lycos - Moving up with Increasing Volume

It is been observed that the price action is moving up in an uptrending channel along with increasing volume indicating a bullish move ahead. As it is general saying in the market that when a stock prices move up with the sync to volumes then it tends to give a bullish signal.

Target: 12
Stoploss: 8
Risk Reward: 1:2


Any further update on this Sir. Given that there is not much volume, so does it mean there are no buyers at lower levels..and it should move in the upward direction, but it doesnt seem to be gaining momentum.
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NeeteshJain VikasChhatwal
It has reached to the support levels as marked stoploss previously and now formed a Doji at that levels indicating change in direction. It shall move up from current price levels. I believe one can it with a stoploss of 7.95. Regards
VikasChhatwal NeeteshJain
Thank you Neetesh. Appreciate your advise.