Bearish Bat formation on Maruti - Short

Bearish Bat formation on Maruti on EOD and bearish sign for short term.

Note : Please wait until the pattern get filled.

Short below - 5785
Target 1 - 5650
Target 2 - 5560
Target 3 - 5465
Stop Loss - 5890

Reward Points - 320
Risk Points - 105

"Happy Trading"
Comment: Please wait until to get the pattern to be filled... until no short...
Comment: As per expectation, Maruti trying to fill the pattern...
Comment: Price nicely moving inside the pattern and hopefully the pattern will get to fill soon.
Trade active: Perfectly filled the pattern...
Comment: Trade initiated...
Trade active: Great.. Heading to Target 1 - 5650
Trade active: Maruti moving near to the Target 1 - 5650 and 40 points left to hit.
Trade active: Today made low of 5683 and very closer to Target 1 - 5650. let see on monday.
Trade active: Good.. Today made low of 5662.25... just 12.25 points missed the Target 1..
Trade active: Target 1 - 5650 Achieved
Trade active: Today Maruti Result so either side may take... one stop to hit SL or Target... Let see
Trade closed manually