Nifty 50 : Hearti'ley Gartley - Expecting Gap Up !

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Happy Monday Guys !

With 29 mins to go before Nifty goes live for the day, It will be thinking as " Shall I Gap Up for the day ?? " " What I can do to surprise them ? " . We are getting back to back patterns, we had Bearish Cypher which resulted in fall of Nifty & Bullish Cypher which kicked the price for Gap Up on friday right on Target-1 and Now, we have Beautiful Gartley and bcos of that reason I'm slightly biased towards Gap Up and hitting minimum Target 1. So this Nifty ranging will give Gap Up and reach our targets ? Let's see...

Happy Trading !
Comment: Retest of Entry zone 8550's or Straight break down to take out our stops...Nifty..Nifty.. Love n Hate scenario !
Comment: Target 1 hit... closed most of my positions & whatever comes after this will be Bonaza !
Comment: With this Gap Up, I didn't exit my long positions in Nifty rather trailing stops very aggressively... If you are long, I hope we may gain some points by trailing stops instead of exiting @ Target 2 ! Enjoy !