Einstein missed fractal time

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Hi All! Lets continue the discussion.

So while Einstein did really a great job in finding that time us relative and not linear, there were a few things which his theory was not able to explain.

First was expanding universe at an accelerated rate. If gravity was real, how is universe expanding in the opposite direction to gravity and that too at an ever increasing rate? To explain this other scintists came up with the idea of dark energy and dark matter, which till date no one has seen or found!

Second thing is quantum mechanics. Inside atoms, many a times a particle appears like existing simultaneously at two different locations. Or in other words it can be said that two particles exist at two different locations, but both of then have exactly the same properties, same vibrations, same wavelength that it appears as if they are connected to each other by some unseen force!
If you change something in one of them, the other one also reflects the change! It appears as if energy from one particle is being transmitted to other at a speed which is faster than light, but as per Einstein theory nothing can travel faster than spped of light. See the video:

So what did Einstein miss? Nobody knows the answer, there are some theories and hypothesis, but none has been accepted totally by the scientific community. Some scientists say time is fractal , but fractal mathematics is not yet evolved, and without a proper mathematical model, these people do not accept anything.

I intuitively accept that time is indeed fractal , because everything else in nature is fractal . Expanding universe is at another bigger level of this fractal time, and quantum mechanics is at another smaller level of this fractal . But where to bring the mathematical model from?

Well, Vedic astrology has something to offer here. If you check how Mahadasha, Antardasha, Dasha, Bhukti, and then sub and sub sub are calculated , you will find that same type of lord assignment in the same order and in the same ratio proportion is happening at all the levels as follows:

You can do more search on this on google and youtube on how these things are calculated. But if you understand fractal properly, you will immediately see that fractal nature of time has already been addressed in Vedic astrology. However, one thing which we do not know (that information is unfortunately lost through the ages), why this particular lord assignment and why in this ratio proportion?

To be continued...


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