Support Broke, Go Short, Risk Is Little

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Support broke risk is less, short positions can be initiated on Nifty .
Comment: There's little anomaly in signal, prices seem have broken resistance on Nifty Chart but on Nifty Future Chart the resistance looks intact, it ain't broken yet.
Comment: Sorry little mistake here, I wrote resistance instead of support. Support on Nifty Chart broke and Support on Nifty Future Chart isn't broken yet, On Future Support is 8395
Comment: It is kind of strange anomaly usually Nifty Future and Nifty remain in Sync. I don't know how to react to such situation so I'll be holding positions with SL of 8415,


premium spiked up as nifty fell and volatility increased. Vol is decreasing now so fut should come in line
Can you kindly explain the volatility concept here ?
NrupenM Basty
@Basty, I explained when you last asked, check that comment.
Basty NrupenM
@Nrupen, thanks, whats the resistance on the fut ?