Look at the lines I drew here, it has time in it.

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Look at the lines I drew here, it has time in it, extent it a little ,you can reach to the future.
We can touch 9000.


Market is running with expectation, hope. If we are living with today, tomorrow is a hope, and the yesterday cannot lie us anything. But if we are not living with the present, the past will tell us lie about the future. No need to search these words in the net, this you won’t find any were in the world. This lines are just made for the answer to your query.
Again to the point. Unless there is something fundamental, nothing works. India is fundamentally rich, having millions of hardworking employees, farmers, technicians, craftsmen’s, engineers and scientists, artisans, what not, they all, serve the nation, making products and giving services, all together collectively it makes our GDP.
And even her enemy nations will also salute her for the PPP India is having. A 10,000 $ medical treatment or an operation can be done with a 1000 $, a 100mn worth satellites can be put on orbit with its half price.
That is how EMH is building up. There is no inflated price. We have Abundance, real abundance of everything, from a mango, wheat and potatoes to doctors engineers and scientist. This supply and demand brings the price down and bring forth a genuine completion, in low abiding, peaceful people. They love their country, and family and children. And work hard to bring up their young ones up.
An engineer is available for service in just Rs:5000. And look at many of them how simple is there life. Their eyes are glittering in hope, that tomorrow a great opportunity will come in hand. He can earn bigger way. He is so cool, patient, and humble. The Nation and her culture and heritage made him branded him so precisely to live in hope for a life time. Strong fundamentals.
Technical are being used by few market chaps. They are not running the market the just operate it . The market is running by the real population. That is why all the foreigners willing to run business in India, even a peanut seller can be milliner in Great India.
Hope hope hope is running the market. These operators know that well. They are selling news with the help of media. And creating ups and downs to gain out of it. Finally, bulls will win in India, even if we have half of the companies run in profit.
Happy Trading.
i have one question which nifty stock do u think is going to take to 9000...?
padiyara digi_anki
@digi_anki, your dessension is very obvious at nifty PE 23.5, But it is not any singleton is going to give a boost to the market.
Did yiu noticethat,the banking stocks are having a new spurt after the review policy, so only Hdfc is enough to support my view.
And remember only 9k I said here, it is hardly a 222 points away.
digi_anki padiyara
@padiyara i respect your optimistic view on nifty .quick question " is NPA of bank over or asset of bank improved ..or trump make america great already done or brexit favored for Britain.....
padiyara digi_anki
@digi_anki, Didn't get you???

In the first scenes also we didn't discuss any thing, or you even didn't show up your opinion, with out knowing your point,
just for the sake of general comity, I am answered you.
Any one can go on raise a questions, but to answer, one has to spend time on it. In that case, if it is not a healthy debate,
we both are wasting our time. please excuse me I don't understand even personal finance, forget global economy.
digi_anki padiyara
@padiyara sorry i was not able to clear my question to you .... Does market moves Fundamentally or Technically ?

Have u heard the concept of Efficient Market Hypothesis.....I think that is happening now on Indian Stocks ....